Our Services include:

  • Annual Meeting Coordination / Preparation – We handle all the preparation and notification for your annual meeting, including preparing and tracking proxies and verifying accurate attendance. Additionally, we will supervise and provide ballots for the election of Board Members and provide post meeting transcripts, and the mailing the minutes to owners.
  • Association Accounting – Our staff will perform all accounting for your association, providing all Board members monthly a complete report including Balance Sheet, Revenues, and Expenses (P&L), Aged Receivables and complete bank reconciliation. Other reports are available upon request.
  • Board Meetings – We work with your Officers and Directors to schedule all Board meetings. Our staff notifies all required parties, providing agendas and will copy and distribute minutes to required parties.
  • Budget Development & Variance Reporting – Our team will prepare for review by your Board or Committee an annual budget for approval. We then monitor, execute and report against this budget monthly.
  • Collection Processing – Our staff will generate and mail late notices, as well as remain involved with all accounts turned over to collections and report accordingly.
  • Correspondence Management – We will correspond with owners regarding matters such as accounting, collections, enforcement of association covenants, warnings, fines, letter and new owner packets. In addition, our office handles and directs all incoming calls from Board Members, vendors, owners, attorneys and the real estate community.
  • Invoice Processing – Our company will receive and process all vendor invoices for the association and pay them in a timely manner. This includes receiving the invoices, reviewing them to the budget to manage spending.
  • Maintenance of Current Owner Information – We maintain and update a data base on all current owners and will never sell or give out this owner provided information to anyone. We will research returned mail to locate owners who inadvertently change their address without notifying us.
  • Real Estate Transactions / Closings – We will receive requests from Realtors and closing attorneys for information needed at the closing of your property.
  •  Reserve Planning – WrightPM’s experience will help you generate a capital plan, including planned funding, bidding, contracting and execution.